Cairo Online Horse Show


The Cairo Online Horse Show with Better Dressage Scores!

Show date: April 30th

Entries and videos due by April 23rd

View this show’s prizelist here: Cairo Eventing Prizelist

Cairo Eventing Show Results 2020

BDS Leadline

NumberName TestScorePlacingPoints
4788PiperCookBDS Leadline70.000%1st7

USDF Intro Test A

NumberName TestScorePlacingPoints
4723KyleighLizanaUSDF Introductory Test A66.875%1st5
4737 - 2KatieAizer
USDF Introductory Test A65.313%2nd5
4787AdleyJonesUSDF Introductory Test A63.125%3rd4
4719MarySmithUSDF Introductory Test A61.563%3rd4
4727LaylaWardUSDF Introductory Test A61.563%4th4
4786AnsleyJonesUSDF Introductory Test A61.250%5th4
4724AlainaSingerUSDF Introductory Test A60.938%6th4

USDF Intro Test C

NumberName TestScorePlacingPoints
4737KatieAizerUSDF Introductory Test C63.750%1st4

USEA Prelim Test A

NumberName TestScorePlacingPoints
4765DorothyGrahamUSEA Preliminary Test A30.221st7
4767DorothyGrahamUSEA Preliminary Test A33.702nd7
4771AlexDavisUSEA Preliminary Test A39.783rd5