How did you find out about Better Dressage Scores?

Honestly, I can’t remember! My guess is through Facebook.

Why is online showing so important to you?

At the beginning it was super important because I didn’t have a trailer! It was my only way to consistently show. Then it was the most “bang for my buck”. I can enter 3 classes and get all the add-ons for less than it would cost me to do one schooling show for the same exact tests. And getting the extra feedback from the judges is super helpful. 

When and why did you start riding?

I started riding at the age of 10 as an academy kid at a local saddleseat barn. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to ride. I cantered before I learned to run, and I still have the notebooks full of horse names I would have in my fantasy stables! 

Do you own your own horse?

Yes! I have a lovely little Paint mare that is 10 years old. I got her as a 2 year old and trained her myself from the get-go. I always say, “Everything she knows, good or bad, I taught her!”

Her registered name is FRS Just Like Heaven and her barn name ranges from Heart to Moo. She has tons of nicknames. We are currently working on First level tests, but she prefers collected work. She’ll even do half steps and quarter pirouettes!

More about Miranda:

Miranda started the Sober Equestrian platform last year to create a safe community for equestrians that are in recovery or that suffer from any kind of condition like depression or anxiety, which often leads to substance abuse to cope. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook @soberequestrian