Samantha found out about Better Dressage Scores after searching the internet for on-line dressage shows. She was looking for something to work towards with her horse without the stress of trailoring him. Learn a little more about her and her online competition teammate, Vulcan, below!

1. When and why did you start riding?

I started riding at a very young age, both of my parents rode so it was a hereditary addiction.

2. Why is online horse showing so important to you?

I love the idea of on-line showing, to me it shows exactly where your horses is in his training. To me it is more important that he is comfortable with his surroundings. With online showing you get a lot of different judges feedback . I can’t forget to mention that we can wear matchy outfits ?

3. Do you own your own horse or do you use school horses? What is he/she like and how did you get him/her?

I own Vulcan, I rescued him in January in very poor condition. He was very very lame with scratches so bad on all 4 legs that the infection had reached the bone. His teeth were so badly infected he couldn’t eat well. The vets said he would likely never be rideable but we could work on getting him comfortable enough to have quality of life. That’s where I began trying to rehab him. Every day he would get a massage, stretches and little hand walking exercises, he began to get stronger. The vets were able to fix most of his teeth but the damage to his mouth from racing was quite severe. 3 months later I got the ok to ride him in light work again he became even stronger. When he came to me he was angry but each day his heart grew bigger, the behaviors also started to disappear. In June we were given the go ahead for full work and here we are today working towards on-line showing.

4. What’s your favorite personal horse story to tell?

I really don’t have a favorite story to tell, I’ve rescued so many wonderful horses and each has a great story. I would like to say though that rescuing and rehabbing and being able to show on-line is probably more rewarding than anything I have ever done.

I’m an older rider or as they say in the on-line world veteran rider ? I own a small stable, I specialize in rehabbing and training difficult horses. I also give lessons my favorite to teach is the disabled . I’m blessed with an incredible barn family and friends who have now also started to show on-line. I have one son and and a very understanding husband who is also our photographer.

Check out Samantha and Vulcan in action!