Host a Show

Want to host a show of your own? Whether you’re an individual, a barn, or a club/organization, we can do it!

We take on the stress of hosting a horse show while you sit back and enjoy the ride (literally).

How it works:

  • pick a show date
  • let us know if your show is private (for your organization only) or open to the public
  • choose what tests you would like to offer

We’ll do the rest!

Check out our hosted show options below:

OPTION 1 (free)OPTION 2 (paid if entry requirement not met)
choose up to 5 testschoose an unlimited number of tests
no minimum entry numbermust meet a minimum of 15 entries
classic scoring method (compete against others format)either BDS scoring method OR classic scoring method
can host a show with us 2x per yearcan host a show with us as many times as desired
$0 to host with usfee of $25 per unfilled slot if 15 entry minimum is not met

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For any questions on hosting a show with us, please email us an info@betterdressagescors.com

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