Entry Status

January Online Shows Entry Status

Entries must be complete by 11:59 pm on January 24th to count towards this month’s BDS Show.

For any questions or comments, please email info@betterdressagescores.com

*statuses as of January 24th at 9:00 pm CST.


Order NumberFirst NameLast NameHorseItem NameEntry Status
8973JessicaSiorekDerbyUSDF Training Level Test 1Complete
8972KeiraMerrifieldPeanutUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
8971JordanFaulconerCloud 9's Don't Be JellyWDAA Basic Level Test 1Complete
8970MeganWells-PetersonForce SensitiveUSDF Training Level Test 3waiting on video
8969WendyBrunsonWillowUSDF Training Level Test 2Complete
8967ShannanWierzbickiBart's RewardWDAA Intro Level Test 3Complete
8964TaylorRoeHazelUSDF Training Level Test 3Complete
8963HeatherWilczekStormyUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
8960EvelynElderLittle KidWDAA Basic Level Test 2Complete
8959EvelynElderLittle KidWDAA Basic Level Test 1Complete
8958-2AutumnGreerAl DenteWDAA Intro Level Test 3Complete
8958-1AutumnGreerAl DenteWDAA Intro Level Test 4Complete
8958AutumnGreerAl DenteWDAA Basic Level Test 1Complete
8957TessMurrayPCUSDF Training Level Test 3Complete
8956TessMurrayDonovanUSDF First Level Test 2Complete
8955CandyHillCowboyWDAA Intro Level Test 4Complete
8954KrystalHindmanPrincess ButtercupFEI Para Intermediate Test AComplete
8948-1MadisonJarvisSir Alfread (Alfie)USDF Introductory Test BComplete
8948MadisonJarvisSir Alfread (Alfie)USDF Introductory Test BComplete
8947-3CynthiaMinchilloNoahUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
8947-2CynthiaMinchilloNoahUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
8947-1CynthiaMinchilloNoahUSDF Introductory Test CComplete
8947CynthiaMinchilloNoahUSDF Introductory Test CComplete
8946CynthiaMinchilloWildfireUSDF Introductory Test CComplete
8942EmiliaPoundsRileyUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
8941CynthiaMinchilloNoahUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
8940-1CynthiaMinchilloNoahUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
8940CynthiaMinchilloNoahUSDF Introductory Test AComplete