Entry Status

February Online Show Entry Status

Entries must be complete by 11:59 pm on February 22nd to count towards this month’s show.

For any questions or comments, please email info@betterdressagescores.com

*statuses as of February 23rd at 9 am CST.


Order NumberFirst NameLast NameHorseItem NameEntry Status
9780-1SarahBitzerKeeperUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
9780SarahBitzerKeeperUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
9779MargaretShawQB Obviously A JoeyUSDF Training Level Test 2Complete
9777VernaClarkCorona's KeepsakeUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
9776TeresaRunionsHoudini.Cadora Walk Trot FreestyleComplete
9772NoraGiacomettiMos Flashing JackWDAA Intro Level Test 1Complete
9771AerinCuffWakita’s WhinnyWDAA Intro Level Test 1Complete
9770SandraSchlotzhauerCashUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
9767-2MayPritchardWisdomUSDF Training Level Test 1waiting on payment
9767-1MayPritchardWisdomUSDF Training Level Test 1waiting on payment
9767MayPritchardWisdomUSDF Training Level Test 1waiting on payment
9763-1AubreyHaasJoJoUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
9763AubreyHaasJoJoUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
9762SarahMurphyCherry Creek Humble Pie (Paul)USDF Training Level Test 3Complete
9761-1MadalineJonesLunaUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
9761MadalineJonesLunaUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
9760BlairWeikelLittle BribesUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
9756-2MollyLewisAct of ValorUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
9756-1MollyLewisAct of ValorUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
9756MollyLewisAct of ValorUSDF Introductory Test CComplete
9752NatiaBucherMargotBDS Leadline TestComplete
9751-1KayleeReedLunaUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
9751KayleeReedLunaUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
9750-1AubreyEdwardsDakotaUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
9750AubreyEdwardsDakotaUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
9744EllaKemsleyLeoCadora Training Level Test DComplete
9743MatildaScottLexiWDAA Intro Level Test 2SCRATCH - no video submitted
9742ZelieRayderJamesUSDF Introductory Test AComplete