Entry Status

September Online Show Entry Status

Entries must be complete by 11:59 pm on September 23rd to count towards the September Online Horse Show.

*status as of September 23rd at 3:30 pm CST.

For any questions or comments, please email info@betterdressagescores.com

HamweyUSDF Second Level Test 1complete
6051-1JennaWilliamsUSDF Introductory Test Acomplete
6051JennaWilliamsUSDF Introductory Test Bcomplete
6050MaddiBorlandUSDF Introductory Test Awaiting on video
6049LauraOliverUSDF Third Level Test 1complete
6048DaniellePolakUSDF Training Level Test 3complete
6047Lizevan BesouwUSDF Training Level Test 1waiting on video
6046-1JamieLyleUSDF Introductory Test Acomplete
6046JamieLyleUSDF Introductory Test Bcomplete
6045-1HailianneSchawoUSDF Training Level Test 3complete
6045HailianneSchawoUSDF First Level Test 1complete
6044DarlaGreenUSDF Introductory Test Bwaiting on video
6043SuzanneMorisseWDAA Level 1 Test 2complete
6042-1AshleyEllisUSDF Training Level Test 3waiting on video
6042AshleyEllisUSDF Introductory Test Awaiting on video
6041-1Mei-YaoMacKinnonUSDF Introductory Test Acomplete
6041Mei-YaoMacKinnonUSDF Introductory Test Bcomplete
6040JeniferParks2019 Intermediare 1 testcomplete
6039MelodyClossonUSDF Training Level Test 1complete
6038JamiePriceUSDF Introductory Test Bcomplete
6037KimBorumWDAA Basic Level Test 1waiting on video
6036DakotaO’DonnellCadora Walk Trot Test Bcomplete
6035EmmaBatemanCadora Walk Trot Test Bcomplete
6034KalenBanksCadora Walk Trot Test Acomplete
6033RebeccaAtkinsUSDF Introductory Test Acomplete
6032AllisonLaurieUSDF Training Level Test 1waiting on video
6031EmilyBritnellCadora Walk Trot Test Ccomplete
6030LillyBritnellCadora Walk Trot Test Ccomplete
6029CarrieBiederstadtUSDF Fourth Level Test 2complete
6028CarrieBiederstadtPSG FEI Testcomplete
6027AnelieseGibsonUSDF Third Level Test 1complete
6026TeresaRunionsUSDF Introductory Test Acomplete
6025RebeccaSturdyGrand Prixcomplete
6024JudyMetzUSDF Introductory Test Bcomplete
6023StephanieRoyUSDF Freestyle First Levelcomplete
6022KatherineRoehlUSDF Introductory Test Acomplete
6021BrittanyNeurothWDAA Basic Level Test 1complete
6020ErinBlackCadora Training Level Test Dwaiting on video
6019-2KimBetrosWDAA Intro Level Test 1complete
6019-1KimBetrosWDAA Intro Level Test 2complete
6019KimBetrosWDAA Intro Level Test 3complete
6018LeahPatrickUSDF First Level Test 2complete
6017-1KateyDouglasWDAA Intro Level Test 1complete
6017KateyDouglasWDAA Intro Level Test 2complete
6013-1KaraHertzUSDF Introductory Test Acomplete
6013KaraHertzUSDF Introductory Test Bcomplete
6012AvaZalfaUSDF Introductory Test Ccomplete
6011-2PatricePautlerUSDF Introductory Test Acomplete
6011-1PatricePautlerUSDF Introductory Test Bcomplete
6011PatricePautlerUSDF Introductory Test Ccomplete
6010DesireeCampbellUSDF Introductory Test Bcomplete
6009KimTooheyUSDF Training Level Test 2complete
6008-1FeliciaCrabbWDAA Intro Level Test 2complete
6008FeliciaCrabbWDAA Intro Level Test 3complete
6006SandraZarzyckiWDAA Basic Level Test 3complete
6005SandraZarzyckiWDAA Basic Level Test 2complete
6004KathleenRollinsUSDF Second Level Test 1complete
6003KelseyJacobsenWDAA Basic Level Test 1complete
5993-1AlliFarkasUSDF Second Level Test 1complete
5993AlliFarkasUSDF Second Level Test 2complete
5987WendySchonfeldUSDF First Level Test 3complete
5752-2VirginiaMckayUSDF Training Level Test 2waiting on video
5752-1VirginiaMckayUSDF Training Level Test 3waiting on video
5752VirginiaMckayUSDF First Level Test 1waiting on video