Entry Status

February Online Show Entry Status

Entries must be complete by 11:59 pm on February 21st to count towards this month’s online horse show.

*status as of February 21st at 10:00 pm CST.

For any questions or comments, please email info@betterdressagescores.com

6783CheralyneGibsonCyndaraUSDF Second Level Test 2Complete
6782CheralyneGibsonRalistaUSDF Second Level Test 2Complete
6781ErinBlackBreaking DawnCadora Walk Trot Test BComplete
6780RosemarieHuxtedSangriaCadora First Level Test CComplete
6779-3KateyDouglasTarget’s Summer HoneyWDAA Intro Level Test 1Complete
6779-2KateyDouglasTarget’s Summer HoneyWDAA Intro Level Test 2Complete
6779-1KateyDouglasTarget’s Summer HoneyWDAA Intro Level Test 3Complete
6779KateyDouglasTarget’s Summer HoneyWDAA Intro Level Test 4Complete
6773PhyllisMacCallumStetsonCadora Training Level Test CComplete
6442LauraChannellGentanaCadora First Level Test AComplete
6441JulieLarochelleSinatraCadora First Level Test AComplete
6772LauraChannellGentanaCadora First Level Test AComplete
6771-1LisaWiebenYou Otta Have MeWDAA Basic Level Test 1Complete
6771LisaWiebenYou Otta Have MeWDAA Basic Level Test 2Complete
6770-1ChelseaHackbarthSF Little Bit Of TexasWDAA Level 2 Test 1Complete
6770ChelseaHackbarthSF Little Bit Of TexasWDAA Level 2 Test 2Complete
6769RobertJuddRR Tally's GoldmisterWDAA Intro Level Test 4Complete
6758-1TalinaDavisDulce et DecorumUSDF Introductory Test CComplete
6758TalinaDavisDulce et DecorumUSDF Training Level Test 1Complete
6753JenniePalmerTrickster's ChoiceUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
6752TeresaRunionsSundownUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
6738-2EmilyHartWolfgangUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
6738-1EmilyHartWolfgangUSDF Introductory Test CComplete
6738EmilyHartWolfgangUSDF Training Level Test 1Complete
6735ErinBlackBreaking DawnCadora Training Level Test DComplete
6733LynnFitzgeraldJogidorUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
6732-1FeliciaCrabbSmokey's little BanditWDAA Intro Level Test 3Complete
6732FeliciaCrabbSmokey's little BanditWDAA Intro Level Test 4Complete
6716CourtneyLobelTrustUSDF Training Level Test 3Complete
6707AngieMadorePardoned TurkeyWDAA Intro Level Test 1Complete
6609Laura CMcGuireAftershockUSDF Training Level Test 1Complete
6600SandraZarzyckiRowdy In AmarilloWDAA Intro Level Test 4Complete
6600SandraZarzyckiRowdy In AmarilloWDAA Basic Level Test 3Complete
6592ClaudiaYatesTarquinUSEA Beginner Novice Test AComplete
6581MadelynMajorTommyWDAA Intro Level Test 1Complete