Entry Status

May Online Shows Entry Status

Entries must be complete by 11:59 pm on May 24th to count towards this month’s BDS Show.

For any questions or comments, please email info@betterdressagescores.com

*statuses as of May 25th at 9:00 am CST.


Order NumberFirst NameLast NameHorseItem NameEntry Status
8471OliviaSmutniakStormyUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
8469TeresaRunionsApacheCadora Walk Trot FreestyleComplete
8467SueMachinLarcos BoyUSDF PSGComplete
8456SierraToewsLucyCadora Walk Trot Test CComplete
8455-1LisaLongtinSoul Sister MWUSDF Training Level Test 3Complete
8455LisaLongtinSoul Sister MWUSDF First Level Test 1Complete
8454-1SarahKnopI am Certain Are YouWDAA Level 1 Test 1Complete
8454SarahKnopI am Certain Are YouWDAA Level 1 Test 2Complete
8453-1ErinBlackBreaking DawnCadora Training Level Test BComplete
8453ErinBlackBreaking DawnCadora Training Level Test BComplete
8452-1SueMachinLarcos BoyWDAA Level 2 Test 4Complete
8452SueMachinLarcos BoyWDAA Level 3 Test 4Complete
8451MelodieWeintrautRarest QualityUSDF First Level Test 2Complete
8450ChristineBazinMarleyCadora Walk Trot Test BComplete
8448BriannaMcGrathQuadrillionaireUSDF Training Level Test 2Complete
8446SaraWardTalladega NightsCadora Walk Trot Test AComplete
8445EmersonKelleherSunnyBDS Leadline TestComplete
8443LexieWardButtonsUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
8442AutumnGreerAl DenteWDAA Intro Level Test 3Complete
8441SandraSchlotzhauerMojitoUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
8440HannahHarknessDoctor WatsonUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
8437FeliciaCrabbSmokey's little banditWDAA Intro Level Test 1Complete
8436DonnaWaldrupSpirit-PeppyFox JetWDAA Intro Level Test 2Complete
8427DonnaWaldrupMojo Baby GirlWDAA Intro Level Test 2Complete
8426WendyBrunsonEndoraUSDF Second Level Test 1Complete
8425-1BeckyMaloneyVMA Diamond LilUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
8425BeckyMaloneyVMA Diamond LilUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
8424-3JosephineClarkSir ElliotUSEA Beginner Novice Test AComplete
8424-2JosephineClarkSir ElliotUSEA Beginner Novice Test BComplete
8424-1JosephineClarkSir ElliotUSEA Novice Test AComplete
8424JosephineClarkSir ElliotUSEA Novice Test BComplete
8423EvaPaulsénWatt a showgunWDAA Level 1 Test 3Complete
8422SueJacobsWillowUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
8417-1CaleighConlinMinnieUSDF Introductory Test CComplete
8417CaleighConlinMinnieUSDF Training Test 1Complete
8414ChrisKelloggKeys BreezeWDAA Level 4 Test 1Complete
8406MaryBallardPepping Playboy (Stewie)WDAA Intro Level Test 3Complete
8405DonnaWaldrupPepperWDAA Intro Level Test 2Complete
8404PatriciaNodeckerMarshallWDAA Basic Level Test 3Complete
8403-4DeborahHausmanFerrona AKA Beth DuttonWDAA Intro Level Test 1Complete
8403-3DeborahHausmanFerrona AKA Beth DuttonWDAA Intro Level Test 2Complete
8403-2DeborahHausmanFerrona AKA Beth DuttonWDAA Intro Level Test 3Complete
8403-1DeborahHausmanFerrona AKA Beth DuttonWDAA Intro Level Test 4Complete
8403DeborahHausmanFerrona AKA Beth DuttonWDAA Basic Level Test 1Complete