Entry Status

July Online Shows Entry Status

Entries must be complete by 11:59 pm on July 24th to count towards the July BDS Show.

For any questions or comments, please email info@betterdressagescores.com

*statuses as of July 25th at 10:00 am CST.

NumberNameHorseTestEntry Status
7727MichelleBoersChocolate MartiniCadora Walk Trot Test CComplete
7726-2EmilyHartWolfgangUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
7726-1EmilyHartWolfgangUSDF Introductory Test CComplete
7726EmilyHartWolfgangUSDF Training Level Test 1Complete
7725CarolynNyeBeauUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
7721AlexandraSaddikSon of a ShrinerUSDF Training Level Test 3Complete
7720CheralyneGibsonCyndaraUSDF Third Level Test 2Complete
7719CheralyneGibsonRalistaUSDF Third Level Test 2Complete
7718BrittanyFoustHH Salida del SolUSEA Beginner Novice Test AComplete
7717-2ErinBlackBreaking DawnCadora Training Level Test DComplete
7717-1ErinBlackBreaking DawnCadora Training Level Test DComplete
7717ErinBlackBreaking DawnCadora Training Level Test DComplete
7716AudreyLangloisTouch of RoyalUSDF First Level Test 1Complete
7715BellaBlohmHaven Hills BrigadoonUSEA Beginner Novice Test AComplete
7714CorineForest RobidasTiagoCadora First Level Test CComplete
7713AvaMedlandThe Professor's LegacyWDAA Basic Level Test 2Complete
7707OliviaDonauerRenoUSDF Training Level Test 2Complete
7705BeatrixKrause-SorioZumaUSDF Introductory Test CComplete
7702-2SuzanneMorisseSabreena Sue CRHFWDAA Level 3 Test 4Complete
7702-1SuzanneMorisseSabreena Sue CRHFWDAA Level 4 Test 1Complete
7702SuzanneMorisseSabreena Sue CRHFWDAA Level 4 Test 2Complete
7701AbbyTakacs-TinsleyCoulter’s awesome zippWDAA Basic Level Test 2Complete
7699MeganBeyerIrene AdlerUSEA Beginner Novice Test AComplete
7698EmilyWalkerAxleCadora Training Level Test BComplete
7693CoralWilsonCoulters Awesome ZippWDAA Intro Level Test 4Complete
7692BellaWellesGrand CruUSEA Beginner Novice Test BComplete
7691LuciannaWellesHenry's ThunderUSEA Beginner Novice Test AComplete
7690GraceCorkUnder The InfluenceCadora Training Level Test AComplete
7689MorganCorkUVM OdinCadora Training Level Test BComplete
7688AshleyKirkorianDown A Lane SundanceWDAA Basic Level Test 2Complete
7687LillyBritnellMr. MojoCadora Walk Trot Test DComplete
7686EmilyBritnellMr. MojoCadora Walk Trot Test DComplete
7685CaitlynFrasierEdgar Allen PonyCadora Training Level Test BComplete
7681-2PatricePautlerSJV BreathlessUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
7681-1PatricePautlerSJV BreathlessUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
7681PatricePautlerSJV BreathlessUSDF Introductory Test CComplete
7658-1AudreyLancellottaTazWDAA Intro Level Test 1Complete
7658AudreyLancellottaTazWDAA Intro Level Test 2Complete
7657-1HeatherJohnsonHeraultUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
7657HeatherJohnsonHeraultUSDF Introductory Test BComplete
7656SandraZarzyckiRowdy In AmarilloWDAA Intro Level Test 4Complete
7642DebraWoodVegasUSDF Introductory Test Bwaiting on video
7641Mary-AnnSchubkegelSir AlbertUSDF Introductory Test AComplete
7638-1SandraZarzyckiRowdy In AmarilloWDAA Basic Level Test 1Complete
7638SandraZarzyckiRowdy In AmarilloWDAA Basic Level Test 3Complete
7630LilyJorgensonLeoCadora Training Level Test AComplete