The Chardonn-hayy Online Horse Show

Better Dressage Scores is partnering with Bonne Cuvee Wine Tours for the “Chardonn-hayy” online horse show!

Entries and videos are due by September 17th. Videos can be of you and your horse doing WHATEVER YOU WANT! Dressage test, walking over poles, grazing and enjoying a glass of wine…anything goes! (Just be safe ?)

5 riders with the most creative videos will be selected to win a FREE virtual wine tasting session with Bonne Cuvee on Thursday, September 24th AND a $25 gift card to Wine.com!

2020 has SUCKED, but wine always helps!

The standard rules and filming requirements do not apply to this class. There are only 3 rules: helmets must be worn if mounted, videos must be 10 seconds or more, and you must be 21 years or older to enter.

Winners will be required to send in a copy of their ID to receive prizes.

To upload your video, enter the link into the “notes” section of check out, or e-mail us the link later on if you have not yet taken a video of your ride.