Are there rules for filming, tack, and apparel?

Yes, this isn’t a place for mass chaos. But we definitely allow some flexibility.

  • We ask that you film from “C” and use zoom when the rider is on the other side of the ring. If you are using a smartphone, please film in landscape mode. We understand that zoom and great quality is not always possible, so really we just ask that you try your best.
  • Tack must follow the same rules and guidelines that would apply at a live horse show for your dressage affiliation (USDF, USEA, WDAA, or Cadora). However, if you have a special request (such as riding in a hackamore, bareback, etc.) please contact us so we can approve it with the judge. At the end of the day, we’re here to have fun.
  • Helmets and proper footwear must be worn. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.
  • We do request that you wear light colored pants and shirts to enable to judge to see you better, but if you don’t have that apparel, we get it.

For a more in depth list of rules, click here. But to recap, just try your best and be safe!