Horses, lessons, showing, tack, etc…all so costly! But it doesn’t always have to be that way, sometimes we just need to get creative. So head over to the Dollar Tree for these awesome finds:

#1: Bungee Cords: To keep our horses cooled off, we need fans, and to hang fans, we need bungee cords!

#2: Hair clips: When you’re braiding and your horse’s mane keeps getting in the way, clip it back with these!

#3 Hair Spray: You could use it on yourself if you’d like to, or you can spray your steed’s freshly braided mane before going in the ring.

#4 Hair gel: Yet another handy braiding tool to use, especially if you’re using rubber bands! Put small amounts on your horse’s mane before you start braiding that particular piece. It keeps the braid tidy and is more likely to stay put.

#5 Rubber bands: And speaking of braiding with rubber bands, here they are for just $1! They come in a variety of colors so you’re bound to find some to match your horse’s mane.

#6 Dry Erase Board: Rides times, warm up times, and ring numbers can be less stressful to remember if you write them down on this board and leave it by your stall. You’ll spend less time thinking about when you need to be ready and more time thinking about the awesome round you’re about to have!

#7 A Small Mirror: Make sure you have all those fly away hairs under control and look spiffy before you get on your horse! This is a small, stand up mirror you can easily prop up on your trunk before you head out.

#8 Baby Powder: This one is a perfect tool for those of you with white horses. Add some baby powder to their legs to make them look extra white and clean!

#9 Tool Organizer: Perfect for organizing your stud kit, braiding kit, or miscellaneous items you don’t want to lose!

#10 Emergency Phone Charger: Horse show days are long, and there isn’t always a nearby plug available. Be sure to keep this dollar item in your show trunk so you can have enough battery life to Facebook, Tweet, and Instagram how great your pony is!

Now, instead of spending at least $50-60 on these items, you only spend $10! For even more savings, look up Dollar Tree coupons online for any of these merchandises.

Happy horse showing!