I know what it’s like to love this sport so much it hurts. It hurts that you want to show off all of the hard work you’ve put in to it, to enjoy the weekend with your friends, and to soak in the horse show life. But you know you can’t afford to pay for stabling, training, hauling, or even entry fees, so in the meantime, you’ll happily be the groom for all those who can.

But that’s all about to change.

If you’ve never horse shown, if you’ve busted your butt for this passion, and you’re ready to get out in that ring, then apply for the first ever BDS Show Scholarship.

You choose the show, we pay the fees. It’s that simple.

To qualify:

  • you must be 12 years or older
  • this must be your first ever live horse show
  • you must be able to perform an introductory dressage test (walk/trot)
  • you must have a horse available to ride that you are familiar with
  • you must provide the tack/equipment for the show
  • you must find a means of hauling to and from the show
  • you must be an eventer or dressage rider

Entries close March 31st, 2019.

We can pay for rental of a horse, hauling fees, training, entry fees, etc. We just need you to find the means for them.

To apply, please send us your story on why you think you should get the BDS Show Scholarship to info@betterdressagescores.com

Everyone should have the opportunity to show no matter their income, location, or social status in the equestrian community. That’s what we stand for.