We’d have way more money if our hobby didn’t cost us an arm and a leg, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t penny pinch even within our sport! In honor of that, here’s 12 things broke equestrians say: 

  1. “This can be fixed with duct tape.”

Ahh, yes. The magical cure-all to life’s problems.
Busted boot? Duct tape it.
Cracked bucket? Duct tape it.
Needs a dash of color? Add pretty duct tape.
The options are endless. 

  1. “This still has some life in it.”

Admit it. You have a saddle pad you’ve owned for approximately 100 years. It’s old, it’s worn, but it still works and it’s an excellent back up when you haven’t gotten around to washing the others! Who cares about a few moth bites for a hack ride, right? 


  1. “I can reuse this bottle for fly spray.”

I don’t know about you guys but I loveee to buy the concentrated form of fly spray and make it myself. It really is a money saver! Then, when I have an empty spray bottle (409, show sheen, Febreze, etc), it becomes my fly spray bottle! 


  1. “Once this breaks I’ll make it into a DIY project.”

I don’t care if you’re broke or a millionaire. This is cool: 


Side note, who wants a horseshoe framed picture for Christmas? All of my friends. Because they have no choice. Because I can’t afford anything else. 

  1. “I wonder if anyone is selling this onEbay.”

You never know. There might be someone out there selling their 17.5″ Chiberta Devoucoux, with custom forward flaps, and that happens to fit your horse as if it were custom. And maybe, just maybe, they’re selling it for under $0. With free shipping to good home… 


  1. “I wonder what this costs on 5 different sites.”

Riding Warehouse (my personal favorite). Dover Saddlery. SmartPak. Adam’s Horse Supply.
Fight to the death!! I will spend hours calculating who will cost me less (including shipping and handling of course).


  1. “Oh look, a homemade horse treat recipe!”

The internet is full of ’em. My personal favorite place to get all the ingredients to make them is at a place called “mom’s fridge.” They have the best deals.

“Thanks mom!” 

  1. Haystringcan fix this.”

Don’t have clips? Hang it with haystring.
Broken halter? Fix it with haystring.
It’s an equestrian double for duct tape. 


  1. “Do I know someone that sews?”

Keep your grandma on speed dial! Ripped show shirts, messed up saddle pads, torn breeches. Granny will literally save you hundreds of dollars. 


  1. “I wonder if I can make this myself.”

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t looked up “How to make a saddle pad, a halter, a stall treat, a tack trunk…the list goes on and on.” 


  1. “I wonder if the dollar store has this”

I’m constantly amazed at how much horse stuff the dollar store really has. Wanna see for yourself? Check out one of our other articles, “10 Horse Show Items for $10



No, there really isn’t such a thing as too much duct tape.